The PatientPilot Mobile App

The PatientPilot mobile app coaches patients on what questions to ask their doctors, when to seek a second opinion, how to understand test results, how to find reliable medical information on the Internet, how to understand treatment options, and how to make medical decisions.

PatientPilot is built around easy-to-use interactive checklists. It’s mobile so patients and caregivers can use it when they need to – not just at home, but in the waiting room, during an appointment, in the hospital room and at the pharmacy. The app allows patients to make and share notes, medication lists, and recordings of doctor explanations and instructions.

HomeIn its “Tech Trends” report, ABC News Radio said,

“PatientPilot is an app to save your life… a medical GPS.”

MD Anderson Cancer Center recommends PatientPilot, saying it

“can help you become an empowered patient. It’s your mobile medical navigator…”